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Screening Solutions for Large Openings

Because the world is beautiful….

There’s nothing more beautiful than the natural world and nowhere more special than the part of it that you call home. When you connect to the beauty outside, you live better, every day.

By bringing light, air and beautiful views in, you can enjoy all that nature has to offer. Feel the cooling breeze on a summer day. Watch snow fall from a cozy couch with a warm cup of coffee. Take the time to admire the sunset.

But sometimes inviting the outside in, can come with compromises. Harsh sunlight intrudes, privacy is elusive, cold air creeps in, and insects invade.

We want you to be able to achieve true inside-outside living, without the compromises. Take in the beauty that surrounds you while controlling elements of the outdoors and keep your home life in harmony.

Enjoy inside-outside living without compromise…


Screens & Shades.

Select from a variety of materials to customize our vanishing built-in screens and shades to perfectly match your specific décor and needs.


For all door types up to 15’ 3 ⅜” (4657mm) wide, you can choose any combination of two fabrics, one housed in either doorjamb. Pair an insect screen with a stylish shade that opens from the opposite side, or a blackout shade with a light-filtering shade to provide total privacy and protection from harsh sunlight. Openings of this size also have the option of a single fabric, either a screen or shade in one jamb, which stretches the full width of the opening.


Choose from two types of mesh and look forward to enjoying the evening breeze without the inconvenience of insect intruders.

Standard weave

Made from durable polyester/PVC mesh, Centor’s innovative screen keeps insects out while standing the test of time.

Tight weave

This mesh features a closer weave to protect from even the smallest insect intruders.


Our unique light-filtering and blackout shades are available in a choice of three stylish patterns, with up to 10 colors in each.


Filter natural light and protect your furniture from harsh sun with our light-filtering shades, featuring a 3-5% openness factor.


For complete privacy plus 100% light control, choose our range of beautiful blackout materials.