Exterior Shades and Screens


Exterior shades and screens are practical and attractive. Controlling sunlight and keeping insects at bay while reducing the harmful effect of UV rays on outdoor furniture all contributes to you and your loved ones spending more time outdoors! Let JoDiMor help you bring your indoors out! Contact JoDiMor today!


Exterior shades offer insulation and reduce heat transfer through windows. When exterior shades are used outdoors and installed on a deck, porch, or a balcony, the outdoor shades block UV rays and control sunlight, but do not obstruct the view. With the ability to control sunlight and block harmful UV rays in outdoor areas, time spent in those areas is more enjoyable, especially in the summer.


Retractable Insect Screens

Whether you live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or elsewhere in the northeast United States, flies, bees, wasps and mosquitoes are never a welcome addition to any gathering. Retractable insect screens can help make the most of time spent on a balcony, deck, or patio.

Automation & Controls For Shades And Screens

Automated controls for your exterior shades and screens, including sun and wind sensors and home automation integration are available. Control with mounted and handled remotes or by smartphone app.

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  • Exterior Shades And Screens - Shade Shown Partially Pulled Down on a Porch
    Exterior Insect Screen (Partially Retracted)
  • Residential Exterior Solar Screens - drawn down with view of ocean
    Exterior Solar Shade