Lateral Arms Models



Stylish shade and protection solution that takes the trouble out of operating awning systems, with simplified controls. Users can choose from the traditional hand crank to the modern electrical motor powered awning arms for extend/retract operations, or even awnings with sophisticated electronic technology that automatically retracts or extends based on the surrounding wind and/or sun conditions.

Choose from over hundreds of different patterns for fabric, to match with your house’s unique design aesthetics. Let passers-by admire the beautiful fabric when the awning arm is extended (partially or otherwise), and save yourself from the troubles of putting away the awning during winter, as Madera retracts easily, resting just a couple of inches off the wall.

Madera Commercial

Madera Commercial is a robust awning solution that meets the needs of commercial spaces. The awning canopies extend up to 14′ projections, bringing functionality, style and flair to the space, whether it’s a cafe or an outdoor public gathering space. The awning arms use strong stainless steel chains for support and a heavy-duty construction.

The ten-year warranty on Madera Commercial makes it a sound investment for commercial spaces, both big and small, that could use awnings with projections of 10′, 12′, 13′ or 14′. These commercial awnings are available with options of manual and motorized operation for control. Choose from hundreds of acrylic fabric designs and brown, white and cream epoxy-coated aluminum frames.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod combines the best of classic lateral arms and modern technology to bring homeowners the ultimate sun shade protection solution. When extended, the Cape Cod functions just like your classic retractable awnings, shielding the outdoor sitting area in your home from the scorching sun.

You won’t have to worry about storing the awning during winter, or of the fabric suffering damage during the cold season with Cape Cod, due to the clever protection design it incorporates.

The Cape Cod features a compact glossy shell that holds the fabrics when the arm is retracted, keeping the fabric safe, while grabbing some eyeballs with its sleek and stylish design. Choose from the standard color palate of brown, cream and white, or any other color of your liking, so the fabric tastefully complements your outdoor décor.


Alutex has been known to come up with innovative and refreshing solutions with its retractable awning, and its product; the Giant impresses in both terms. The Giant goes above and beyond its peers in the market with its large extension capabilities.

The Giant pushes the arm shade boundaries to new limits with a 20′ maximum. As an awning with some of the biggest retractable arms on the market today, the Giant delivers in terms of performance and aesthetics alike.

While it requires a sound structural resistance in the installation location for long-lasting performance, it has also been constructed with a durable design, while retaining its visual appeal.


A third-generation lateral arms creation, the Antigua comes in the modern league of lateral arm systems, made especially for the sophisticated demands in the market. The Antigua outdoes its predecessors with both the classic systems with retractable designs, and the succeeding partial cassette designs that protect just the fabric when retracted.

The Antigua squeezes the entire system into a compact cassette when completely retracted; making storage both hassle-free and as easy as the click of a button! The Antigua allows the awning arm to be extended up to 12′ with the cassette width available up to 20′.

The Antigua allows for motorized and manual actions of operation. Featuring a vast selection of 300 acrylic fabrics, and slick white powder-coated fixtures, the Antigua does not disappoint visually either!


A cost-effective sun shade and protection solution need not always seem far-fetched, and Alutex’s Eclipse is a good example of how. For a budget price tag, the Eclipse does not compromise on quality or performance.

It features the premium Alutex frame in its design, offering homeowners a tasteful selection of vibrant colors for the dyed fabric.

The awning can be seamlessly controlled manually and electrically, and retracts to rest a couple of inches from the wall on retraction, not calling for additional winter storage requirements. Requiring maintenance checks sparingly, you can be rest assured that these awnings will last many years to follow.


Condominiums and homes with narrow decks/ patios need not limit themselves to awnings of restricted projection lengths, as the Trio solves this issue with its clever design. Functioning like any other retractable lateral arm awning, Trio can allow for projections of up to 13′ in widths as small as 8′.

Instead of using unflattering, overlapping arm designs to facilitate this, the Trio incorporates a special design that lets the arms accommodate the small space available; making it the perfect pick for outdoor spaces where the prevalent width limits lateral arm extensions.


The Nova is a reliable retractable awning that is made for the price-conscious homeowner. Featuring all the basic capabilities of a retractable lateral arm awning and using quality products for construction, the Nova is quite a steal for the price.

It incorporates a sturdy stainless steel frame and powder-coated white aluminum components. Available with width options of 10′-20′ and projections of 7′-10′, in over 300 stylish fabrics, the Nova caters to a wide variety of outdoor settings.

Alongside manual gear and motor control options, there are also additional optional features that can be installed in Nova on request. The 6 year warranty on Nova means that it can be a reliable sun shade and protection solution for your home for many summers!

Window Awnings Riviera

The Riviera offers a convenient and elegant solution to protect homes from weather conditions. Its simplicity is complemented by vivid Mediterranean accents and colors that can brighten up the window exteriors of any home.

Factor in the low maintenance aspects of the Riviera, and you won’t be able to see a reason why it shouldn’t be a part of your home.

The Riviera has a lightweight aluminium frame that can extend 5’ lengthwise as the projection arm, and stretches 15’ width-wise. The Riviera’s smart design allows it to retract snugly into in-built storage space, so it sits a few inches outside the window.


The Capri takes a modern twist on the traditional rectangular window awnings, bringing style and functionality in one. The Capri sports a sleek and streamlined design, its elegant frame visually deceptive of the underlying strength of the structure, which can accommodate up to 20′ width-wise.

Capri does double-duty, shielding the adjacent indoor space from the scorching heat and UV rays, while presenting a stylish front to passers-by. The Capri can be rolled up entirely so it discretely rests over the window or rolled out when in use through electrical or manual operation.

The aluminium frame is available in powder-coated white, grey and brown, to go with over a hundred choices of fabric colors.

The spring-loaded arms can be set to extend or retract to any position, by use of the control buttons, so the canopy optimally shields the interiors from the mid-day sun or summer heat. Affixed with extra fabric, it can also be set to a 180 degree angle to completely mask the windows.


Simple in design, effective in delivery, that’s the Amalfi for you! Serving as a simple, nevertheless reliable rolling shade solution, the Amalfi can cater to windows both small and big.

The Amalfi fabrics are manufactured such that they encourage heat dissipation by allowing air to circulate through the fibers, all while having a textile-woven finish to give windows discrete transparency.

Once these heat dissipating rolling shades are installed in a home they can bring down the effects of heat by 90 percent, cutting air conditioning costs up to 60 percent! They are aesthetically pleasing as well, giving homeowners a choice of choosing from black, white, grey acrylic fabrics with solid or stripe patterns and exterior frame in brown or white.

Patio Awnings Malaga

An elegant addition to any house and especially large outdoor spaces that require sun protection, The Malaga is an effective alternative to traditional patio stationary awnings. It is designed to offer the same functional capabilities as a stationary awning, only without the storage inconveniences that the latter carries.

The Malaga can be easily operated by using manual gear or motor, and snugly slides in when retracted, making for easy winter storage. The self-adjustable corners on the rails allow for speedy and effortless installation.

The fabric can be locked down entirely, or opened partially or completely, based on how the weather pans out. The Malaga features an aluminum frame rendered with a white-coated finish, and its arm can extend up to 18′.


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