Millboard Decking & Siding

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Introducing our newest addition to JoDiMor Outdoor, Millboard decking and siding combines the beauty of natural timber with performance that real wood cannot match, providing long-lasting enhancement with minimal maintenance.

The Leading Wood-Look Decking

Millboard is the leading wood-look decking, enhancing outdoor spaces with enduring distinction. Hand-molded from the finest pieces of oak, it boasts refined timber grain that mimics natural timber but is engineered to offer an enhanced decking experience.

Minimal Maintenance

Millboard is able to combine the look and feel of real wood with strength, stability, and durability while providing minimal maintenance. Thanks to its unique polymer resin construction, our decking does not deteriorate like natural wood. Additionally, our unique surface provides exceptional slip-resistance, even when wet.

Millboard Decking & Siding Is Environmentally Friendly

Millboard provides the look and feel of wood while keeping the environment in mind. Every board is produced using recycled minerals whilst containing no natural timber. Created from a high-performance fiberglass core, a material widely recognized for its strength and durability eliminating the inevitable rotting, warping and deterioration of natural wood.

Millboard decking and siding enhances outdoor spaces with enduring distinction and is available in a wide range of finishes and colors to bring your vision to life.

Millboard Decking Materials Offered by JoDiMor
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At JoDiMor, we take great pride in being recognized as a trusted leader in outdoor spaces for residential and commercial projects throughout the tri-state area. We genuinely appreciate every opportunity to collaborate with you or your business on your next project. As an authorized distributor of Millboard, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality materials and ensuring a smooth delivery experience for your team. Please feel free to reach out to us below to discuss the endless possibilities available.

Millboard Decking Materials Offered by JoDiMor

Millboard products have been used to build pathways, bridges, feature and privacy walls, residential decks, planters, pond surrounds, pool decks, tabletops, benches, and docks in addition to many other applications. Millboard products have a 25-year warranty unmatched competitive qualities, and endless possibilities.

At JoDiMor Outdoor we bring you unparalleled quality and expertise.

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