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JoDiMor, Inc. is proud to be a Sunesta awning dealer in Morris, Somerset, Hunterdon and Warren counties in central New Jersey. Sunesta is synonymous with beautiful, customized retractable awnings manufactured for businesses and homes alike. The company has been at the forefront of technological advancement since 1981 and till date, all its products are engineered with perfection and excellence. With a wide range of styles and products, Sunesta offers shade solutions for all kinds of applications.


Do you wish to transform the outdoor area of your home? Are you looking to convert it into a premium personal oasis? Then you simply need the Sunesta Premium Class Retractable Outdoor Awnings which are specially designed to let in sunlight whenever you desire and also provide comfortable shade solutions when required. You can choose from either retractable manual or motorized awnings and, all of them comes with special features. These include arm cables which are PVC coated for excellent strength, folding arms, pitch adjustments, hardware covers for protection and several other features.


We understand that each home is different. Keeping this in mind, the Sunstyle model has been designed to offer the ultimate customization benefits to customers. This means every awning is tailor-made so that it matches with your lifestyle and needs. You can experiment with different designs by choosing unique fabrics, custom features, 11’6″ extensions and so on. This customized awning is sure to leave you satisfied and happy.


The Sunlight offers a beautiful and creative way to increase the livable space in your home. The custom Sunlight Retractable Awning gives you shade solutions and also enhances the beauty of your home. The USP of the Sunlight is the range of add-on options. The model is also available in five kinds of different projection, going up to ten feet. So, for absolute sun control in your outdoor area, pick Sunlight and enjoy a relaxing siesta.



Every home reflects a certain kind of uniqueness. This uniqueness needs to be matched by the door and window awnings. Our forte lies in offering completely customizable solutions. You can pick from different sizes and shapes for the Sunbrero. This way we are able to fit each Sunbrero Retractable Window and Door Awning into your home design. In addition to adding more beauty to your home, there will be a noticeable decrease in your energy bills as well.


The Sundrop awning gives you a choice between sunlight and shade. Enjoy selecting from a range of different styles, features and colors for your home window awnings and match it to your home’s unique design. Combine the features of versatility and functionality by opting for the Sundrop window for sun protection in your house. Do you wish to enhance the appearance of your existing home and also save money in future? Opt for window awnings!



If you wish to control the amount of sunlight entering your living space, then the Sentry is the ideal screen product for your home. The Sentry is a perfect screen solution whether you want to cover your patio, doors, windows or lanai. We offer customization in building your Sentry screen which could be up to 18 feet in width along with a 12 foot drop. With Sentry, you can enjoy both easy functionality and benefits of a superior retractable screen.

Our Retractable Shade and Screen products truly make your outdoor living space an ideal retreat for fun and relaxation. For the Sentry screens, select from our range of customized fabric which complements the distinct needs of your living space environment. Apart from just being a retractable screen, the Sentry also serves other purposes. These include the following:

  • Protection from insects with the installation of bug screens.
  • Protection from sun via solar mesh.
  • Maintenance of privacy with the use of opaque fabrics.
  • Control of brightness in the room.
  • Enjoyment of view (with protection) even during cold and rainy weather conditions with clean vinyl windows.
  • The Sentry is a trustworthy retractable screen product for all weather conditions with its unique fabric retention mechanism.


A superior solar screen, the Sunroll by Sunesta is a special retractable screen which offers complete vertical sun protection for the covered portion of your outdoor living space. You can choose between manual and motorized options for this inexpensive screen which is a versatile solution for those who wish to buy any of the Sunesta solar retractable screens.

We can customize the Sunroll to complement your home style. The height can go up to 12 feet, whereas the width can be extended to up to 24 feet. The range of possible variations for the solar screens showcases the versatility of the product. The models available include the Traditional Model, a model equipped with cables and bars (floor or wall mounted), one with rails and drop bar and spacious bracket mounting. This allows air to flow in between the mounting surface and the fabric. There is also the option of Smartcase variation which provides complete fabric protection and one equipped with arms with which you can angle the fabric of the solar screen.


The Suncover Retractable Shelter

The Suncover retractable systems are very versatile and provide basic sun cover/shelter as well as protection from rainy and foul weather. They are designed in a way that it can be mounted on top of an already existing structure. This could be a skylight, sunroom or pergola.

The width can vary from single units that go up to16x23 feet. These are also equipped to connect multiple units (coverage restricted to your space only). You can pick from a huge range of fabrics, from designer solar screen, waterproof fabrics to acrylic fabrics. As is the characteristic of all retractable systems made by Sunesta, the Suncover would also be customized to match your home style and specific needs.

The Sunplus Retractable Shelter WITH Rain Gutters

These retractable systems are very versatile and provide basic sun cover/shelter as well as protection from rainy and foul weather. They are designed in a way so as to be mounted on top of an already existing structure. This could be a skylight, sunroom or pergola.

The width could vary from single unit to that going up to16x23 feet. These are also equipped to connect multiple units (coverage restricted to your space only). You can pick from a huge range of fabrics, from designer solar screen, waterproof fabrics to acrylic fabrics. As is the characteristic of all retractable systems made by Sunesta, the Sunplus would also be customized to match your home style and specific needs.

SHADESIDE Retractable Sun with Our Shade Systems

If you feel that your patio or home is becoming increasingly warm because of sunlight, then you could look through our various shade systems. We aim to offer retractable sun through our versatile shade systems. You can decide when you require relaxing cool shade and when you need the warm rays of the sun.

Shadeside is an extremely popular system of offering shade from Sunesta. It is a retractable system which offers both privacy and shade for the outdoor living space of your home. Being retractable, it has the advantage of being completely controlled by the homeowner. They can roll it up or even extend it outwards.

As an idea, you could add the Shadeside to match your Sunesta made patio awning. It can also be utilized all by itself. There is no shortage in terms of the choice of fabrics- acrylic, designer solar screen and so on. The solar screen would allow the entry of light, wind and air. You can get a customized Shadeside for your home from Sunesta.

Light And Heater Outdoor Living, Year Round Comfort

The addition of light and/or heat to your shade system could do wonders for your outdoor living area. You need not worry about the sun setting and the outdoor space becoming useless in the cold and dark.

Make your outdoor living area useful throughout the year by installing Infrared heating and outdoor lighting. Then you can sit under the Sunesta awning and enjoy a relaxing cup of coffee in the fall morning on the deck/patio or plan a delicious evening meal during summertime.

Available Accessories

Rain & Sun Sensor

The Ondeis™ WireFree RTS Rain Sensor is a solar-powered combined rain and sun sensor compatible with Radio Technology Somfy® motorized exterior products, including awnings, rolling shutters and screens.

  • Completely wireless.
  • Uses optical rain-sensing technology to measure rainfall.
  • Sends an RTS command when rainfall exceeds the selected threshold.
  • Utilizes a sun-level sensor that sends an RTS command when sunlight exceeds the user-selected threshold.

Indoor Wire-Free Sun Sensor

Allows for automatic operation of motorized interior window coverings according to the amount of sunlight and the temperature of the room.

  • Discreet and convenient.
  • Battery powered and completely wireless.
  • Easily mounts on the inside of a window or on the window sill.
  • Automated light control.

Automatic Wind Sensor

The Eolis 3D WireFree™ RTS Wind Sensor is a wireless, battery powered wind sensor that will automatically retract an awning based on wind generated movements.

  • Automatically protects your awning when wind is detected … even while you are away.
  • Battery powered with an indicator to alert you when they need to be replaced.
  • Worry-free operation designed to protect your awning in windy conditions.
  • Built-in alert to warn you when the battery needs to be replaced.
  • Reduce energy consumption up to 40%.

Automatic Wind & Sun Sensor

The Soliris RTS Sun and Wind Sensor automatically controls your RTS motorized products based on current weather conditions.

  • Automatically protects your awning or exterior screen when wind is detected or the sun’s intensity increases.
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 40%.
  • A state-of-the-art sensor is on-the-job to automatically offer maximum energy savings and ensure your comfort … every day.
  • Only one Soliris is needed per façade.

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